Getting More From Your Yelpers

If you have been working to get great reviews from your customers on Yelp, you know it can be frustrating to get those reviews to show up on your Yelp page and to count in your Yelp rating. While Yelp does not explicitly share the algorithm used to determine if a review gets posted publicly or not, there are a number of factors you should be aware of to make sure you are getting more from your Yelpers.

Reviews placed in the non-recommended area do not count towards your rating and are not seen by potential customers. Understanding how to get your happy customers to write reviews that get posted publicly is important. Here are few keys things we have learned about getting Yelp reviews to be posted publicly.

  1. Volume Matters – Despite our best effort to understand the model Yelp uses to filter reviews, it is impossible to predict which reviews will be posted and which will not. The first and best answer is to get more Yelpers giving you more reviews. Engage with customers and make them happy and those that Yelp will Yelp about you in a great way.
  2. Responsiveness Helps – As a business owner, your involvement with your Yelpers can really make a difference. Responding appropriately to reviews, marking reviews as Useful, Funny or Cool and generally being an active Yelper yourself on your page and others will only help.
  3. Attributes of your Yelpers Matters – The status and activity of your Yelpers factors into their reviews adding value to your Yelp page. This is a bit frustrating because you can’t do much to influence this, but knowing about it is helpful.
    1. Previous posts –  If your Yelpers post mostly positive reviews and only post periodically, their posts about your business are likely to be discounted by Yelp.
    2. Incomplete Yelp profile – The more complete the Yelp profile of your Yelpers, the more likely their reviews are to be counted as valid. Profile completeness is enhanced by integration to the social platforms they use such as Twitter and Facebook.
    3. Yelp friends – The more Yelp friends the better. The influence carried by a Yelper is enhanced the more Yelp friends they have. The reviews shared by Yelpers with many friends tend to be given greater respect by the Yelp filtering model.
    4. Elite Status – Gaining Elite status for a Yelper is not easy. It requires them to have a complete profile, deliver well written reviews, vote on and compliment other’s postings and then to go through a nomination and approval process. Yelpers with Elite Status rarely have their reviews fall into the non-recommended list.
  4. Reviews Origination Matters – Where and how your Yelp reviewers deliver their reviews does matter. Be careful to consider these items when working with Yelpers.
    1. Location – Yelp’s filter process does factor in the IP location of the reviewers. If reviews are originating from IP addresses far from the business location, Yelp will often filter those into the non-recommended category. This can be problematic for businesses servicing customers far from their headquarters. Developing a relationship with your Yelp representative can potentially be helpful to overcome this issue.
    2. One device – Having your customers use the same computer to leave reviews is clearly not a good thing to do. Yelp will filter all of these reviews to the non-recommended list.

While it may be difficult for business owners to deal with Yelp, it is a valuable and valid platform that needs to be included into a full reviews and social media strategy. Developing a relationship with Yelp where at least a small amount of advertising is purchased can provide you access to resolve other issues where the Yelp filtering algorithm does not seem fair.

The SocialClime team is committed to helping our customers get the most out of the reviews their customers provide. Contact our team today for an analysis of your Yelp page and your strategy to get more from your Yelpers.