Feature Updates – Feb 2017

SocialClime has released a number of exciting new features over the last month. Here are some we are most excited about:

  • Real-time review monitoring: Through our deep integration with Google and Facebook, SocialClime now receives an immediate notification as soon as a review is posted to your locations. This allows you to see reviews flow in and respond immediately. This also provides the foundation of some exciting future features that we will be releasing in the the coming months.
  • Sentiment analysis: Every time a new review gets posted, SocialClime processes the text of the review with a natural language processing (NLP) engine that evaluates the perceived sentiment of the review. The results of this analysis are displayed in-line on the review in the SocialClime interface, along with an indicator of the overall sentiment. Hover over the displayed icon to see the sentiment value.
  • Updated dashboard widgets: Two new widgets on the dashboard provide new insights into the trends of the number of reviews and overall ratings for your locations.


Other new features and enhancements released in the last month include API enhancements, location specific SMS delivery numbers, Facebook review reply, image upload speed enhancements, and a variety of bug fixes.