Should Doctors Have Their Own Google My Business Page?

We get asked that question a lot. As we bring large practices on to the SocialClime platform there are almost always 3 or 4 physicians in a each group that have setup their own Google My Business pages (GMB). The practice marketing team has typically discourage their physicians from doing this but it gets done anyway 🙂

Google My Business pages are actually not for individuals. They are for businesses/practices. Google recommends that you not have individual GMB pages for physicians. The GMB page should always be a business.

We recommend that physicians and practices take the approach recommended by Google. Individual physician’s ratings and reviews are done at Health Grades and Vitals, practice ratings and reviews are done at Google, Facebook and Yelp. In fact we recommend that physicians shutdown their own GMB pages as those pages simply make search results confusing.

Finally, even if a doctor wants to keep his/her GMB page, there is no way to transfer reviews or copy them. Google is really careful about requiring users to only post to one page at a time. The only way to get reviews to a doctor’s GMB page is to stop inviting people to leave reviews at the practice’s GMB page and start inviting them to leave reviews on his personal GMB page.

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